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• Our Minutes are chock full of tech problems discussed and answered.

iMovie Workshops - by iChaz

A series of Apple Keynote workshops are provided by Charles to help with your movie making using iMove on both Mac and your iPhone or iPad.

Download these tutorials for using iMovie on your Mac or iPhone/iPad.


about Apple Privacy & Security

Axios is a news media company and they have an excellent rundown on 'what Apple knows about us' and if you are interested in this area, they do the same for Google, Facebook and others.

It's set out well and makes interesting reading. (A good reference point to keep)
‘What Apple knows about us’ or download PDF

Also other links worth a look from Apple are..
‘Apple Transparency Report’

‘Here’s how to manage your privacy’

eMug Computer Security recommendations for your Mac

Details on the risk and counter measures with the theft and damage to your Mac, trolls and cyberbullying, hacking, power supply problems, crashes, malware and viruses, accidental data loss and fraudulent emails.

Download Computer Security Table (version 3)

Download Keynote on ‘Understanding iCloud’ a presentation by Peter in an attempt to unravel the ins and outs of Apple’s iCloud services.

Free Tech Support at the Library

eMug is assisting the library in offering computer support to the community. Contact the Library on 03 5832 1680 for more information or GV Library 1300 374765 (Menu #3, then #1).

VENUE: The Euroa Library - 62 Binney St Euroa. Fortnightly 1-3pm on Wednesdays.